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Joel Creasey plays matchmaker in an exuberant role this new generation game show host was born for

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

What the king of television Graham Kennedy was to live variety shows in 1970s Australia, Generation Y’s Joel Creasey could easily be his modern day reincarnate.

A savvy showman with a cheeky sense of humour, the 28-year-old Perth-raised comedian has got the gift of the gab and enough mainstream appeal to be a rating’s winner.

Now, Creasey finds himself on Channel 7 in a career-first as host of new dating show, Take Me Out – and he’s wearing a bow tie for the occasion.

Seven isn’t the only television network picking up on his vivacious style – you can add a gig on SBS hosting Eurovision with Myf Warhurst and Channel 10’s Show Me The Movie.


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It’s Tuesday which means we are probably due a new Prime Minister any day now. It also means TAKE ME OUT is back tonight at 730 on 7! Hope you’ve got your finest boxed wine and cubed cheese at the ready. It’ll pair beautifully with the smutty jokes we will be serving up. Piping hot! And then immediately post show I will be having a live Insta chat with the people’s Queen, Mallory - answering all your questions! But let me start by answering one now that I get asked every episode. “How tall are you Joel?” - I’m just over 6”. So yes, some of the blokes are short standing next to me. But I also stand very upright because I have scoliosis (hot) and also because I’m just damn excited to see you all. Let’s do this! #TakeMeOutAU

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Creasey moved to Melbourne from Perth at 19 to try his luck in small comedy venues, aiming to crack the Melbourne Comedy Festival circuit – until he did. His debut show Slumber Party in 2010 earned him a nomination for the best newcomer award.

He’s now happily basking in the glow of fame and lapping up the attention. It’s the way Creasey mixes his vulnerability with humour that’s made him a popular TV personality. He’s the sweet boy next door with a hint of brat, and a sassiness. He even caught the attention of the late Joan Rivers.

After appearing on the first season of Australia’s version of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! in 2015 he gathered more followers and within two years penned his first book – an ambitious move from a newcomer but Thirsty hit the spot for this impatient go-getter.

With a patchy dating history and a preference for Tinder hook-ups, Creasey is stereotypically Generation Y – in which using a phone is how you navigate the modern world. It’s also the way to find romance.

“Everybody loves a little bit of romance,” says Creasey, while having his hair and make-up done for his Domain Review photo shoot. “Everything my generation does is online. That’s how we’re programmed, so it’s good to have a show like Take Me Out that puts women in the same room as a potential date and we get to see what happens.”

For someone with a preference for digital connections, he met his model boyfriend Jack Stratton-Smith in Perth a year and a half ago. “We talk over Facebook and Instagram a lot, it’s a modern day fairy-tale in the making,” he jokes.

Take Me Out is modelled on the UK game show, but Creasey brings his own voyeurism to the screen.

It’s all razzle dazzle and bright pink lights and Creasey cheers on the gals to find their perfect match.

There’s gents who crack watermelons between their thighs to win a date, alongside mediums also keen to score extra love points and a date.

Creasey undertook an intensive training course to get to know the 30 female contestants and learn their likes and dislikes in men. Recorded at Fox Studio Sydney in front of an audience of 500, there are nerves, but nothing the chirpy comedian couldn’t handle.

Since Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix comedy show Nanette went viral this year, Creasey is next in line with the streaming giant. He has just finished filming his comedy show and thrilled at the opportunity. “To follow Hannah and be the next Aussie comedian to be in that spotlight was both terrifying and amazing at once. I am forever grateful Netflix chose me,” he says.

Creasey’s parents Terry and Jenny are his biggest fans. They’re holidaying in Italy now (their seventh holiday this year), but they speak to their son every day. His mother was an extra in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and his father was the model in the 1980s’ Solo soft drink advertisements.


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Heading home after a busy 2 weeks in London and Portugal. London turned on some gorgeous 6 degree days for a fun bunch of sold out shows at the Soho Theatre. And Portugal was such an incredible Eurovision working alongside the beautiful @myfwarhurst. Eurovision once again managed to out-camp itself and I don’t think there’s any wine left in Lisbon. I drank it all. Got to spend most of the trip with this guy @jackstrattonsmith and although he spilt a glass of water across my computer and it blew up... I can still tolerate him. In fact I’m so nice I decided to stand back in this shot to make him look hotter. Pumped to head back to Australia - you can catch me hosting the Royal Wedding on Saturday for SBS, Have You Been Paying Attention on Monday on Ten and live on stage in Sydney on Friday and Saturday night. Some tickets still available from link in bio. Do not worry - I shall be at all my scheduled appearances. I borrowed Hermione’s time turner!

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The couple met in London where they both worked as actors and moved back to Australia to start a family. Creasey has two sisters: Holly, four years older and Alice, four years younger.

“I love my parents but they’re always trying to give me advice,” he yawns.

“Sometimes mum offers up subjects she’d like to see me explore on stage and I’m like, OK mum, you can stop right there. That’s a bit much.”

Creasey will spend the remainder of the year writing a new comedy show to tour Australia with. He finds inspiration for material at dinner parties, has written about exes who have dumped him, his affair with a footballer, and loves nothing more than couch time watching reality TV shows.

“I have created this very busy life,” he exhales.

“I guess away from work I love to spend time with Jack. He is up for anything and gets lots of attention because he’s a model and very good looking. I mean everyone’s a model on Instagram in 2018, right?

“Well, he actually pays the bills that way.”

Take Me Out - Every Tuesday at 7.30pm on Channel Seven.

October 2, 2018