Stage 5 is a 910 sqm / 10,092 sqft purpose-built TV stage, with mezzanine control room and audience hold, that is widely utilised by audience-based television productions including The Voice, X Factor, You’re Back in the Room, This Time Next Year and Australian Idol.

The stage also consists of offices, make-up rooms, star rooms, green rooms, bathrooms, showers, kitchenette and a breezeway area at the back of the stage, which makes loading and storing props and sets easy.


910 sqm / 10,092 sqft

35 x 26 x 10 m / 116 x 87 x 31 ft

Soundproofing 50dB (A)

Lighting Grid:
Steel "I" beams

Three-phase mains current 400V 50Hz
Single-phase 240V 50Hz
Maximum 1,000 amps per phase multiple distribution boards

Air Conditioning:
Air Conditioned

Stage Doors:
2 Stage Doors

Door clearance:
5.6 x 4.8 m / 18.37 x 15.75 ft

Floor Loading:
1 tonne / sqm
2.5 tonne point load, with adequate floor covering

Car Parking:
29 bays for car and truck parking

Back of House:
Offices, Make-up rooms, Star rooms, Green rooms, Cyc rail, Toilets, Showers, Kitchenette, Audience Hold, Loading Dock