Housed in a remarkable 1930s historic building, Stage 7 is a premier facility at Fox Studios Australia. This stage also features make up and wardrobe facilities and with a clear span of 15m / 50ft to the grid and a further 5m to the top of arched truss, set height is not an issue.

Stage size, combined with a splendid Art Deco building facade, make Stage 7 an ideal venue for events as well as film and television productions.

Previous productions include Alien: Covenant, Gods of Egypt, The Water Diviner, The Great Gatsby, The Wolverine, where the Silver Samurai 3 storey 10 tonne steel fortress and Japanese palace and garden were created, Australia, where the Faraway Downs homestead was created, The Voice Australia and events including Fashion Week, Who’s Sexiest People Party and Audi vehicle launches.


3,960 sqm / 41,902sqft

88 x 45 x 20 m / 287 x 146 x 66 ft

Soundproofing 20dB(A)

Lighting Grid:
Combination of 20" x 30" box truss and 30" flat truss slung below building arches

Three-phase mains current 400V 50Hz
Single-phase 240V 50Hz
Maximum 2,000 amps per phase multiple distribution boards

Air Conditioning:
Air Conditioned

Stage Doors:
2 Stage Doors (with automatic sliding lock doors)

Door Clearance:
4.1 x 3.6 m / 13.45 x 11.81 ft

Floor Landing:
Suspended concrete slab - restricted loadings apply

Car Parking:
27 bays for car and truck parking

Back of House:
Kitchenette, Toilets, Trade Waste