Stage 3 is a purpose built stage well equipped for feature films, television series and commercials, with 1,320 sqm / 14,279 sqft of stage area and a loading dock. This stage comes with the benefits of star rooms, a green room, make-up room, wardrobe space, kitchenette, bathrooms and showers.

Recent productions include Unbroken, Gods of Egypt, where Stages 3 and 4 were used simultaneously to capture fight sequences of the mortals and gods and The Great Gatsby, where a purpose built tank was constructed to create the wharf where Gatsby gazes at the green light of Buchanan’s mansion across the bay, where his lost love Daisy resides.


1,320 sqm / 14,279 sqft

40 x 33 x 12 m / 131 x 109 x 38 ft

Soundproofing 50dB (A)

Lighting Grid:
Steel monorail network
Stair access to gantry and walkways

Three-phase mains current 400V 50Hz
Single-phase 240V 50Hz
Maximum 1,000 amps per phase

Air Conditioned:
Air conditioned

Stage Doors:
2 Stage Doors

Door Clearance:
5.8 x 5.0 m / 19.03 x 16.40 ft

Floor Loading:
Maximum 2 tonnes / sqm
5 tonne point load

Car Parking:
40 bays for car and truck parking

Back of House:
Offices, Make-up rooms, Star rooms, Green rooms, Kitchenette, Loading Dock