Stage 2 is equipped with an interior tank with removable cover, which can be flooded or used to extend the stage area depth. It’s dimensions are 12 x 18 x 3 m / 39 x 59 x 10 ft with capacity to hold 539,800 litres / 142,600 gallons and is available for all types of surface and underwater filming. The tank has been used by numerous productions to create amazing sets including the pool party scene in The Great Gatsby and the Darwin wharf scene in Australia.

Nearby external water facilities include a dry dock with dimensions 347 x 45 x 14 m / 1,138 x 148 x 46 ft. It has the capacity to hold 259,122,000 litres / 68,452,787 gallons which can be flooded and drained in 4hrs. The dock can be built in when dry with the vessel lifting to the surface as the dock floods. Located on the edge of Sydney harbour, the facility has blue and green screen capabilities.

Video – Set Build & Production